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About Me: Blogging here is a random pastime hobby due to work, ongoing educational priorities in the food & beverage industry, etc. Job Title(s)/Licenses/Certifications/Education available upon request. Just a few past interests &/or projects included, but are not limited to; Food Presentation with Quantum Levitation + Superconductor Casing Development, Chocolate Taffy Helium Balloon Recipe Development, etc. More information upon request.

Dominant Trait: Hands-on and teamwork approach in the kitchen. Actually physically working, including helping others with their job duties, whether it's washing their dishes from time to time, or assisting him/her with a recipe and/or other food production related goals whenever possible, etc. More information available upon request.

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Jul 2004 - Now Available upon request.
Fallsview Casino Resort Available upon request.



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