Richard Karlsson

Professional Chef | Grebbestad | Sweden

I’m a Swedish chef from Grebbestad. I own a rent a chef business and I'm also Chef De Cuisine at Grebys Hotel / Seafood Restaurant. I love fresh ingredients and to be creative. I’m a creative person that needs to work with his hands. When I was younger from the age of six or something like that I started showing an strong interest in cooking. I made 3 courses for my parents, probably it weren’t the best meals but I did it.

Work Experience

Feb 2015 - Now Chef De Cuisine
Grebys Hotel / Seafood Restaurant In charge of all food related matters and all the kitchen staff.



Role Models

Cooking Style

All around

Kitchen Skills

  • Food Styling
  • Knife Skills
  • Menu / Recipe Development
  • Off-site Event Management
  • Ordering, Purchasing, Receiving
  • Tasting, Seasoning, Balance

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