Moran Tabib-Zada

Professional Chef | Beer Sheva | Israel

At the age of 14 I fell in love with the kitchen and everything about it. I’ve been in the culinary arts for 11 years, a Chocolatier and pastry Chef. I completed Confectionery studies at the Tadmor School of Culinary Arts 9 years ago; graduated the chocolate art class at Estela’s and received an International Chocolatier certificate.

I have worked in bakeries and restaurants all over Israel; and for the past 4 years I have been self-employed in the pastry industry and I also work as a Chocolatier in a rehabilitative chocolate factory for mentally disabled people.

The great passion I have with chocolate started out as a forbidden love affair, due to the fact I am allergic to this ingredient and sadly have not eaten chocolate for over 10 years.

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