Giles Gabutina

Professional Chef | Sydney | Australia

Hey there! My name is Giles Gabutina, i'm 19 years old, and I aspire to be a pastry chef. Currently a second year apprentice at Tetsuya's Restaurant, Sydney. For as long as I can remember, I've always loved food and cooking. Growing up in a food loving family (with mum and dad being my main foodie inspirations), food and cooking have always been a central aspect of my life, and I honestly can't even begin to imagine myself without it. One day, I hope to "bake" the world a better place by hoping to inspire people to follow their dreams in the same way my inspirations have done for me!

Work Experience

Sep 2015 - Now Apprentice Pastry Chef
Shangri La Hotel, Sydney First Year Apprentice
Sep 2016 - Apprentice Pastry Chef
Tetsuya's Restaurant, Sydney Second Year Apprentice



Role Models

Cooking Style

Savoury Sweets!

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