How It Works

An International panel that we call the JURY reviews recipes, images and videos before showcasing them as an officially featured web content. This selective process aims to ensure that only high quality content is shared in the 'Featured' sections as well as through our social network profiles. The JURY is comprised of innovative individuals who have a strong culinary background and an undying passion for food. With our shared and united vision for the website, we invite anyone with a keen interest in quality food and cooking to take part and join our network. It is our declared objective to become a vital network for head chefs, food bloggers and home cooks, bringing the digital marketplace to YOU.

Why become a Foodstar?

Nowadays, it is essential that chefs as well as all artisans and businesses develop a powerful online presence. With the most of the marketplace connecting online,what could be more important than increasing your visibility with the general public and like minded souls. This is main mandate of Foodstarz... to create an online platform, that chefs and home cooks who do not possess web design and programming-related knowledge, can present and their work in an environment that was specifically tailored for them. The best part about Foodstarz is that you gain a wide exposure and the basic membership is absolutely free to use!

How to become a Foodstar?

In order to become a Foodstar, just register and fill out all the major forms. If you want to be ‘featured’, attach at least one recipe and/or upload the best images of your favorite unique dish. The jury will then review your content and decide whether or not you qualify to be featured. All content must be unique and not have been reproduced anywhere else (including personal blogs).

Benefits to Members (Foodstarz)

Online presence:

  • Foodstarz is a multi-platform website that is easy to use, no matter  what device or browser you utilize

  • Foodstarz provides members with a digital promotion platform to build a stronger online presence

  • Foodstarz is especially beneficial for people who lack any programming or web design knowledge and wish to avoid any hosting and marketing costs

  • Foodstarz PLUS enables all members to upload images and images fast and easily

  • Foodstarz is an excellent source of traffic to your own website as it allows members to provide a link on your profile.

Benefits to Visitors


  • Foodstarz is a great database for people to find high quality recipes and images by innovative professional chefs, food bloggers and home cooks

Quality Content:

  • Foodstarz places a strong emphasis on maintaining a high level of content quality throughout the 'featured' sections, which is controlled by our JURY.

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