About Us

Foodstarz.com is an international premium chef network for professional chefs, food bloggers and home cooks. We have created this site so YOU can promote your work with people from around the world. Our network is about 3000 members  strong and growing.

The Story

foodstarz.com was established in 2014 by David Broich. David is an IT entrepreneur and amateur chef who has always loved food and cooking since his early years. In 2013, David was  encouraged by his friends and family to start posting his food pictures on Instagram in 2013 in order to get feedback on his creations. Soon after, David began gathering a large amount of followers and requests from people to share his recipes. This sudden stream of interest and attention was what inspired David to start a network to share his love of food with other like-minded people. But since there are so many blogs and food websites out there already, he wanted to do something different. His goal was to publish only premium and high quality content from professional and amateur chefs and to give them a platform to promote themselves and their work. David’s mission is for foodstarz.com to not only showcase great chefs but  provde fresh ideas and inspiration to every day home cooks with a passion for food.


I live in Cologne and work full-time in the IT industry. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, eating and everything in between. I cook Asian and Mediterranean food mostly but I am always open to experiencing new tastes, flavours and ingredients. The idea of starting foodstarz.com came to me after receiving lots of recipe requests from people around the world who has seen the food photos I posted on Instagram. Plus, I thought that it would be fun to combine my strengths and passion for food and website development/programming by creating this online platform for food lovers everywhere to enjoy. I truly hope that people seek inspiration from the quality content shared by these talented Foodstarz from all around the world.


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