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We believe in the transformative power of food. Food transcends cultural boundaries, stimulates the senses and creates moments of joy and wonder. The women, men, and others who make this all possible are the reason Foodstarz exists - the chefs from all over the world. Foodstarz is a community of food professionals with a mission to allow the chefs to interact and inspire each other inside and outside of the kitchen. We’ll provide an app to present and discuss food and food innovation, communicate directly with each other and gather and expand professional culinary knowledge.

We also present our chefs with interesting job opportunities from the world of hospitality and present innovative food products from our partners.


Foodstarz is a community of culinary professionals who understand the power of mutual inspiration to evolve each other's craft.

High-End Content

Browse through more than 25.000 images and videos.

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More than 500 professional grade recipes to use and adapt.

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Learn techniques and receive inspiration from the world's best chefs.

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Receive Job offers from acclaimed restaurants and hotels.

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Interviews and Bios from members of our community as well as news about innovators from the industry.

Awesome Community

Discuss your ideas and talk to other professionals from all over the world.


Your most common questions - answered!

Of course! If you have a passion for food you are more than welcome to create a “Foodie” account. You can access all of our content for free!

We are offering our members several different content types such as images, videos, knowledge base posts, and recipes. Our intuitive forms make creating beautiful content as easy as posting on Instagram. You can also add multiple images and videos to your posts and even combine video and image content.

Yes you can! You can initiate a chat with any of our members. Your chat partner can decide to accept or reject the chat initiation so you are always in full control of who you want to talk to!

Foodstarz is first and foremost a professional community. While we welcome all food lovers to our app we will always focus on professional content and create features that serve the culinary professionals.

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